Course Rebel

Design outside the lines to create learning experiences that make a difference.


If you're an online course designer or digital community builder who's attracted to this work, that tells me that you want an equal contribution of heart and mind in whatever you're offering. Yes, you’re an entrepreneur and a business owner, which means money is a motivating force. But you and I both know you’re not just here to “make courses, get money,” despite the promise you might’ve been sold when you first joined the online business world.

You want more compassion. You want to contribute to the collective human consciousness. You want to make a positive impact in the world. You want the people who buy your products to truly experience behavior change — whether that’s healing childhood traumas, developing a yoga practice, enhancing a leadership skill, marketing their services differently or incorporating more whole foods into their nutrition plan.

Course Rebel is a program for online entrepreneurs looking for support to develop their course content and get themselves organized to promote their course. While other programs market themselves as course development and then focus primarily on sales, this program is designed to give you a solid foundation on how to structure your content, develop activities that help others practice and set yourself up for an easeful delivery.

"If you want to make sure your program pops and you're taking the best care of your people... work with Nina.

- Steph

"Nina is a joy to work with and learn from!

- Layla

Join our community of clients creating lasting impact!

Course Rebel Features

Three 1:1 Sessions with Nina

Monthly meetings to strategize on your design, develoment and delivery.

Practical Training Content

No fluff here! Practical presentations that guide you to create only essential assets.

Custom Feedback

Video feedback on three assignments to help clarify your learning outcomes and design practice opportunities. 

Templates & Tools

A variety of templates for self-paced, live and hybrid programming to help you save time now and in the future.

Course Curriculum

"Nina is a joy to collaborate with...her balance of wisdom and heart is a magical combination that inspires the sort of change the world needs most right now.

- Meghan

"I sent you my book and a few blogs, and off you went to the races. You got it. You gave it a focus that I'm not sure I ever would have."

- Vinita

Nina Everflow

Nina Everflow is a life-long activist of joyous rebellion. Her passion for personal transformation guides her unique approach to developing learning environments inclusive of diverse people, places and platforms.

Through her learning design agency, Everflow Consulting, she and her collaborators support authors, business leaders and online educators develop clear, compelling and results-oriented content through an liberatory lens. Serving industry disruptors around the world, Everflow Consulting’s course content and development offerings explore new applications of learning aligned to positive impact.

A plant lover, musical theater enthusiast and seeker of the softest vegan cookie, Nina lives on the unceded land of the Monacan (MON-ACAN), now known as the farmlands and forests of south-central Virginia, U.S., with her multi-racial family.

Lexi Merritt

Founder of the Pretty Decent Internet Café

Of all the courses I’ve bought, memberships I’ve subscribed to and books I’ve stacked on the shelf, working with Nina has by far had the largest impact on my business — not just financially, but holistically. Her program reminded me that I am, above all else, a teacher, and that my job is to create digital spaces where everyone feels valued and heard. People love my programs and I see the shifts that happen in their lives as a result. I’m confident that would be less evident had I not done this work with Nina.

Are you ready for Course Rebel?

Many people want to build courses, but there are a special group of business owners who can soak in all that this experience has to offer.


This program is best for people who already know what they want to create a course/program on and have experiential and/or intellectual expertise in the area.


This program is best for people who have sold services on the topic, have experience speaking to prospects and leads about it's value and can articulate their unique opportunity in the marketplace. 

Curious Audience

This program is best for people who have an audience and understand what they are seeking and how to serve them. Even if it's a couple dozen people, having access to these early cheerleaders is essential for the course development process.  

"Working with Nina is one of my best business and personal sanity decisions of 2021!"

- Deanna

"This was an immersive, values-driven experience that inspired me and open me up to new ways to present my content online."

- Amy

Course Pricing

Doors close September 15, 2023!

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